Todd Daniel


Todd Daniel used to be a skinny, flexible, lithe, nimble feather of a man who taught gymnastics and piano and art and had a real handle on physical fitness. Todd Daniel is now just a man who teaches gymnastics, piano and art and grunts when he has to stand up. He is determined to return to a weight that would not kill his former self if he sat on it.

  1. I am convinced weight puddles around our middles for lack of sufficient flushing with water (inside, not bathing). A liter in the morning before coffee is a good start. My brother the ancient gymnast put me on to that. I thought all you gym rats knew about it. It really seems to speed the digestive process for the day, which may result in faster metabolism. Not sure, but it seems to be slenderizing. But then, who am I to talk. I dare not write back to earlier incarnations of myself. Sooner or later, I’d have to address the beer question.

  2. Love your site Todd. Amy just sent it to me. And kudos on your commitment/results! You inspire me! 🙂 Now gonna go eat an apple.

  3. Dear Todd,
    Love your site. It actually feels like you, or I am talking to a real person while reading. Funny, honest, and real. I will keep up with your progress and good luck in the battle through the heat. See you next month at the reunion with Robrt. Kat

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