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Forbidden Fruit

In exercise on July 20, 2010 at 7:09 pm

Dear Todd,

I have to hand it to you. If this whole dieting thing pans out it will be due to your mental determination. I’ve known you to swerve into a drive-thru at 60 m.p.h. because a double cheeseburger seemed like a reasonable snack at 4:30 in the afternoon. Now, all I ever see you do is eat apples and drink lemon water and green tea.

Your torso still looks like it is melting, but you probably have the healthiest bladder in town.

Keep it up!


Todd weighs in (literally):  I love cheeseburgers. And tacos. I consider fast food a real taste treat. I don’t believe in god, but storywise I think a burger would have been a much more suitable temptation in the garden of Eden than a piece of fruit. Dieting, for me,  is more of a mental process than a physical one. At some point you just have to say to yourself, “Hey, being fat was really a blast, but you are starting to look like a beanbag chair and your arteries are probably none-too-happy with you.” So I changed my eating habits. Just like that. Apples have become my new best friend. They’re okay, and I feel like my  jaw is getting a workout even if the rest of me is still sitting around (I’m mentally working on that).

So now it is time to announce my goal weight and my current weight. I’ve weighed myself on two ancient scales (I believe their combined age is about 107 years) and I’m going with the lesser of the two evils. Let’s say that my current weight is about 212 pounds. Let’s also say that 220 pounds is a remote possibility. I’ll try to get a more accurate reading soon, although it’s hard to quickly strip off all of your clothes when you come across a digital modern scale. Usually, it means I’m a dinner guest using the bathroom in someone else’s house or I’m in the hallway of the doctor’s office.

In adulthood, my lowest weight was 147 pounds (the loincloth year), but that was clearly too thin. I think 170 would be a lovely weight. My clothes would fit. My driver’s license information would be close to the truth. And I could sit on furniture without destroying it (more on that later).